Cibdol CBD Olive oil 4% (30ml)


Flavour: Olive oil
Brand: Cibdol
Amount: 30ml
Percentage CBD: 4%
CBD: 1200mg CBD
Cibdol – CBD products like nature intended
Cibdol 4% CBD oil is made from 100% natural hemp plants of the highest quality. Cibdol’s mission is to enable everyone to use the best that nature provides. They manufacture their product in the most natural way possible, without pesticides, growth hormones, fertilizer, or other chemical substances that might harm nature or humans. Natural really means natural!

The oil can easily be dosed using the provided pipette. It does not cause a high because it contains less than 0.2 % THC.

4% CBD.
No chemicals or growth hormones used in production
Made from organically grown hemp plants
100% legal
Content and dosage
The flask contains 30 ml of oil, corresponding to over 600 drops. We always advice to start with a low dose. For example 1 drop in the morning and 1 in the evening and gradually build up the dose. Please note: Listen to your body carefully. If you suspect the dose is too high, reduce it. Multiple small doses are preferred to one large dose.

Legal in almost entire EU
CBD oil only contains trace amounts of THC, and is therefore legal in almost all EU countries. Do you want to bring the oil on your holidays? We advise checking its legality in the country of destination.

About Cibdol
To provide some of the very best CBD products on the market, Cibdol draws on years of experience in traditional farming as well as in novel scientific excellence. Cibdol strives to cultivate only those hemp plants that have a much higher CBD percentage than normal cannabis plants, and even than normal hemp plants used for CBD production. This leads to a more potent CBD, making Cibdol the favored brand of many satisfied CBD customers. Moreover, Cibdol does not use pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and no chemical or genetically modified ingredients to grow their products. All of their hemp products are 100% natural.

When in doubt about CBD or CBD use, always consult your physician.


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